Uganda’s Inquisition

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

If Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill strikes you with the force of a who-wore-torn-jeans-at-the-recent-Oscars TMZ report, then make haste to the nearest albolaryo. Your body may have just been possessed by the spirit of Idi Amin.

The Ugandan Parliament recently plunged into a string of hot debates on the so-called “Kill Gays Bill,” a piece of legislation that seeks to prosecute lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders by legally sanctioning severe penalties, even capital punishment, against LGBTs.

The real question that should be asked is: why in God’s merciful name did some Christian evangelicals inUgandasupport this bill? Since when was gender-related genocide sanctioned by Christ’s New Testament?

Ugandan tabloid and its Top 100 homosexuals article

I mean, I’m all for safeguarding traditional family values and protecting the public from sexually-transmitted diseases, particularly HIV and AIDS, but should Uganda’s parliament sanction a kind of 21st-century Inquisition to solve these?

LGBTs in Uganda already run the risk of facing a little over 10 years in prison for being homosexuals, let alone—if found out—being HIV positive. Parliament may have chosen to junk the provision including the death sentence on LGBTs, but what of the other severe punishments lodged in the bill?

This is more than simply carrying out a “righteous” and “godly” campaign against those perceived to be threats to the traditional family. Apparently,Uganda’s homophobic stance is putting a minority population under extreme duress. Are they seeking to kick start a legal global precedence to state-sanctioned genocide?

For whatever reason, which seemed then to be righteous to Saddam Hussein, the now dead dictator of Iraq once targeted ethnic Kurds and Shiite Muslims during his ethnic purging days. Let’s not even go to Adolf Hitler whose hatred for the Jews remain unequalled to this day. Most of Rome’s ten emperors had raised their swords over the heads of Christians during the great persecution where Christ’s believers were fed to lions, burned at the stake and made a spectacle on account of an emperor’s psychotic episodes than anything else.

The emperor Nero blamed Christians for the unfortunate developments inRomeduring his roll-of-the-eyes, fiddler-on-the-roof days.

Be that as they may, there is nothing in God’s and man’s law to even remotely suggest that Heaven will give its thumbs up in favour of genocide and persecution. Apparently lost in some Ugandan evangelical translation and exegesis of the Scriptures is the value of life.

In the very least, this piece of legislation is appalling and pharisaic in the most unkind and inhuman terms. And Christians inUganda, or everywhere else for that matter, should steer clear from this bill.


JOEL PABLO SALUD is the editor-in-chief and interim literary editor of the Philippines Graphic magazine, the country’s top newsweekly publication under the ALC Group of Publications, which include the BusinessMirror.  He is a member of the Unyon ng Manunulat sa Pilipinas (UMPIL) and the Manila Critics Circle. He regularly writes reviews for the Philippines Graphic Review of Literature.



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